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  • 2.Based on your digestive system change your tea.

    Because we eat 3 times a day, but we drink 4-5 times a day. Easy way to start change your body is to start with the tea.
  • 3.Based on digestive system, start to change your diet.

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The result is amazing. You will be more focused, with stable emotions, stronger immunity, your metabolism will recover to improve your shape, any type of skin problem may disappear, and your energy will improve.

There are 2 layers of problems

In ancient medicine, health is all about balance, disease is all about imbalance. In Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and even in Western medicine, the digestion system is the core of our overall body systems. Digestion system affects everything from our weight, metabolism, energy, hormones, immune system, even our cognition and emotional balance.

Most common issues, such as digestion problem, constipation, obesity, skin problem, anxiety, depression, and energy unbalance as well as diabetes, and cancers can be traced back to digestive system. So if you have a digestive related symptoms like, acid reflux or bloating, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, high appetite vs low appetite, gain weight, and skin problem, fatigue and anemia, please check your digestive system.

In traditional medicine, digestive fire is the first place we look to correct an imbalance. You get all your energy and all the material you need to build your cells from your digestion. If your gut is out of balance, all the other systems will suffer. In traditional medicine, in order to heal any kind of the disease, we need to balance the root cause of the disease. After we rectify the imbalance, having a balanced digestive energy will support and fix other organ and body part in the future, When you have digestive problem, there are 2 layers of problems

First layer is: When you have digestive problem, people look for medication to solve the problem quickly, instead of looking for the root reason. The food we are eating is the main reason we have digestive problem. So, without changing good diet, solving digestion problem is just working in the symptom, not working on the roots.

Second layer is: When people start to take care of the diet, they mostly follow the wrong diet and it takes their digestive system even further out of balance.

We can solve these 2 problems easily.

Based on traditional medicine, we can solve these 2 problems easily. First one is finding the root cause. In traditional medicine, balancing the body’s energy is very important. For digestive problems, it applies too.

They can be divided 2 main types, hot type and cold type. When you have cold type of digestive fire, you should eat hot natured foods. When you have hot type of digestive fire, you should eat cold natured of food. But people usually don’t know which one is hot and cold type of digestive fire. Second problem is, in the meantime, they don’t know which food is hot type of food, and drinks, which one is cold type of food and drink. This is not just describing the temperature at which you eat the foods.

Foods have their post-digestive energy which can be hot, warm, neutral, cool, or cold. For example, a cold jalapeño pepper still has a hot energy in your body. Not knowing the energies of foods, we often eat the wrong foods and push our bodies further out of balance. Everyone recognize how health is important now.

Also, more and more people are starting to take care of how they are eating. If you want to start this new journey, we invite you take a very easy 3 actions with us, which helps you to give you very balanced digestive system easy way and quicker way.